Sunday, July 22, 2007

New Order

So according to Peter Hook, bassist for the iconic band, New Order, the band has officially split. According to Sumner and Morris however, the band is still alive and well. I'm not really sure who to believe here, as New Order took a sebaticle after their 1993 album, Republic, and didn't return for almost a decade. If they have gone their seperate ways I can't say that I'm happy about it. Granted New Order hasn't really released anything in about three years, but being a fan of Joy Division and New Order (yeah, I'll admit it, even though some might classify them as a "guilty pleasure"), I am certainly going to miss their expertly crafted songs. There is, however, that new movie, Control, about Joy Division and Ian Curtis, the former frontman of Joy Division (reminaing members forming New Order after his death for those of you who didn't know) and his suicide at age 23. it's been getting rave reviews and personally I'm quite excited about it. In fact I've already told my girlfriend that I am making her see it with me even though she is neither a Joy Division or New Order fan (although she does claim that she enjoyed Orgy's version of Blue Monday, I'll admit that it makes me cringe, but I'll keep my mouth shut). the movie however has no release date here in the States, so it might be awhile before I actually get to see it, but I'll keep my fingers crossed. Anyway, if the rumors are true, I'll be one of the many grieving fans across the world lamenting their break-up, but I do have some mp3s for you, their live recordings of some New Order tunes, but they are quality, so enjoy.

(I know I have been away for a while, but the fast-paced lifestyle that I lead makes it very difficult for me to find the time to post with any sort of regularity, however I will be trying my hardest to post as much as I possibly can.)

New Order - Crystal (live Canal+ 2005)
New Order - Love Will Tear Us Apart (live Canal+ 2005)
New Order - Jetstream (live Canal+ 2005)
New Order - Krafty (live Canal+ 2005)
New Order - Waiting for the Sirens Call (live Canal+ 2005)
New Order - Hey Now What You Doing (live Canal+ 2005)
New Order - Blue Monday (live Rock Werchter 2005)
New Order - Everything's Gone Green (live Torino, Italy 2005)