Monday, May 19, 2008

The Ting Tings

The Ting Tings are a electro-pop duo out of England who craft some really catchy tunes. You might recognize their song "Shut Up And Let Me Go" as the one featured in the newest iTunes commercial. Either way, I heard about them a month or two ago, when a single of their song "Great DJ" fell into my lap. Anyway, you guys should definitely check them out, as the music they make is extremely fun and danceable. Plus, Katie White (along with Jules there in the background) is incredibly hot.

The Ting Tings - Shut Up And Let Me Go


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Album Review: The Kooks, Konk

To sum up the Kooks sophomore effort in a word, meh. Not that the album isn't good, it definitely has some stand out tracks, the first single Always Where I Need To Be of course, Shine On, Love It All, amongst others are all catchy pop songs that will delight fans to casual listeners. The thing about this album is that for me at least, it doesn't live up to the hype. I was a fan of The Kook's first album, and Konk (dumb name by the way), doesn't doesn't quite live up to it's predescessor. As I said before, there are quick catchy pop songs on this record, however there are more than a few songs which I find myself searching for the "skip" button before they even get three chords into it. Lyrically, The Kooks are still writing songs about girls and playful romps under the covers however while this worked on the first album, now it just feels a little immature. Granted I don't think The Kooks should be singing about Darfur or big oil or other heavy political issues, their songwriting capabilities, musically at least, would make such songs feel silly and contrived. Merely all I'm asking for is a little growth, you can only sing about tits and ass for so long (check the cringe worthy Do You Wanna? if you really want to see what I mean) before it starts to get old. So if you liked their first album, you'll be sure to like most of the songs present on this one, however if you found yourself wanting a little more substance over their last effort, you might want to just grab the singles.

The Bravery @ The Webster 4/15/08

Sorry about the delay...what can I say? I'm lazy I guess. I can come up with excuses if you'd like (i.e. grad school, internship to name a few), but I'm sure no one really cares all that much. Anyway, The Bravery show was fantastic, and sicne I made friends with the lesbian bartender (so hot by the way), I was completely shitfaced and don't remember getting home (thanks Schaeffer!), but still a phenomenal show. The Bravery was slated to go on at 9pm, however it was more like 10:30-11 when they finally came on, leaving some extra time for their openers Your Vegas and Fiction Plane (Sting's son's band, FYI), neither of which were bad, in fact they were both pretty decent, however as my level of inebriation grew, my tolerance of bands whose songs I had never heard before started to wear a little thin. Anyway, the pictures I took (about fifty), were all pretty decent since the Webster is fairly small (probbaly can fit about 1500-2000 heads, it used to be a movie theatre), and Scaheffer even managed to ctach the guitar pick Sam Endicott tossed into the audience at the end of the show. All in all, if you have the opportunity to go see The Bravery anytime soon, I would highly recommend that you do so.

The Bravery - Believe
The Bravery - Bad Sun
The Bravery - An Honest Mistake
The Bravery - Swollen Summer
The Bravery - No Brakes
The Bravery - The Ocean