Thursday, December 28, 2006

Given the fact that I had no idea what my next post was going to be, but feeling the pressures of posting regardless, I set up to just coming up with a little playlist of some random tracks to see if any of them sparked something in my noggin. Unfortunately, doing this probably left me more confused and clueless then I was before. So with that being said, I am going to present to you what did come to mind, a sort of badass, revenge-ish, now that I'm drunk I can kick your ass kind of mix. I just sort of put together some of those songs that tend to sum up the hatred that we feel for another human being at any given point in our lives, whether it be the douchebag living across the hall, that unsympathetic bitch of a girlfriend, or the few folks who make all of the decisions for the rest of us. No matter how you look at it, the songs included are all of top notch caliber, so enjoy.

1. Spoon - Revenge! - can't get much more obvious than this quality track.
2. Muse - Time is Running Out - nothing like a song that gives the government a swift kick in the ass to spark a conversation about politics and the declining faith in said institutions.
3. The Libertines - What a Waster - the agressive, almost sloppy style of play employed by Doherty and co. allow their songs to have a very dirty, unpolished sound to them, and this song about a friend who's "pissed it all up the wall", is a perfect example.
4. Blur - Crazy Beat - Donald Duck on ecstasy.
5. Joy Division - Digital - this song takes you by surprise right from the opening chords and it doesn't let up throughout the entire song. it reminds me of just being sloppy drunk, with an overwhelming feeling of self-imposed superiority over everyone in my general vicinity.
6. Smashing Pumpkins - Fuck You (An Ode to No One) - pretty self-explanatory, don't you think?
7. Nirvana - Rape Me - this song is about as self-loathing as it gets, and television and movie industries have taught me that there is nothing scarier than the man who has nothing to lose.
8. Rage Against the Machine - Killing In the Name Of - you had to have known that Rage was going to show up somewhere.
9. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Suck My Kiss - this track is just oozing with energy (as most of the Chili Peppers older work is), the bassline is killer, and the lyrics are energetic and lots of fun.
10. Jimi Hendrix - The Killing Floor
11. She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart - simply put, a great track from a band that I can't get enough of, infectious, to say the least.
12. The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black - it's the perfect song to cap off the mix, unnerving, chilling and it just plain kicks ass.

Rage Against the Machine - Down Rodeo

Thursday, December 21, 2006

I drove through ghosts to get here...

So now that my finals are over and I don't have to worry about school for another four weeks or so, I can finally post more often (that is as long as I'm not hung over). Today's post is going to be a calm one. After the hectic week of finals and whatnot, I figured that a nice, soothing night driving mix was in order. I came to the conclusion of making the mix because as I was sitting in traffic on my way home from work this evening, I was overwhelmed by how the music pumping through my factory direct standard stereo system in my car was keeping me from scooping my own eyeballs out with a spoon. So I figured it would be a good idea to do a nice soothing mix, with the occasional up-tempo song to keep things interesting, and since it doesn't necessary include songs specifically related to driving, I suppose you could call it a "chill" mix, or a "post-hangover" one, or even a "sleepy time lullaby" mix. Whatever you call it, I hope you enjoy (along with all of these really rad night driving pics).

1. DeVotchKa - How It Ends
2. The Album Leaf - Over the Pond
3. Thom Yorke - Atoms for Peace
4. Greg Weeks - Made - somewhat creepy, especially after you watch this commercial.
5. Notwist - Consequence - the album is amazing. Pick it up, I command you!
6. The Smiths - How Soon Is Now
7. Mogwai - Helicon 1
8. Sigur Ros - Olsen Olsen
9. Sparrow House - When I Am Gone
10. Belle & Sebastian - Sleep Around the Clock
11. The Album Leaf - Into the Sea
12. Spoon - Everything Disco
13. Radiohead - Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box
14. 65 Days of Static - Drive Through Ghosts to Get Here
15. Explosions in the Sky - Welcome, Ghosts

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The name is Seamus O'Toole and I'm here to get drunk

Thank god this semester is over and done with. After a string of long and arduous assignments, grueling papers, mind-numbing lectures and just being a plain old pain in my ass, I am done. I don't even care what my grades are at this point, I'm just happy that I can kick up my feet and relax for a good five weeks. And I cannot wait to throw every caution to the wind and indulge in every whim. Drinking heavily will play a major part during my Christmas break. I am a little worried however, that my nights bar hopping will be populated with extras from Growing Up Gotti, waving their Nextels high above their heads while chanting along to some redundant raggaeton (wtf is that?) club hit. "Gasolina" is already throbbing in my head and making my eyes hurt. Anyway, here are some of my personal favorite jams to get into the partying mood, so while not officially a mix (the tracks are listed in no discernable order, make your own damn mixtape if you want!), it is filled to the brim with some classic, catchy, upbeat tunes. Enjoy, and, if you ever see me out, remind me to remind you that you should buy me a drink.

Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko / We Are Scientists - Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt / Dead Disco - The Treatment / Bloc Party - Banquet / MSTRKRFT - The Looks / Fujiya & Miyagi - Ankle Injuries / The Strokes - Someday / The Clash - London Calling / Kasabian - Club Foot / Prodigy - Firestarter / Le Tigre - Deceptacon / Mystery Jets - You Can't Fool Me Dennis / Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion / The Von Bondies - C'mon C'mon / The Libertines - Can't Stand Me Now / Arctic Monkeys - I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor / Muse - Stockholme Syndrome / Prototypes - Je Ne Te Connais Pas / The Killers - Bling (Confessions of a King) / Interpol - Slow Hands / Joy Division - Ceremony / New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle / The Spinto Band - Oh Mandy / The Cloud Room - Hey Now Now / The Strokes - New York City Cops / The Libertines - Up the Bracket / Babyshambles - Janie Jones / Cansei de ser Sexy - Lets Make Love and Listen Death From Above

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Holiday Mixtape Project, Vol. 4

I was going to post a funny picture to go along with this mix, but something about that little big-headed mongloid struck a chord with me. Anyway, I'm going to have to say that this will be the final installment of this years Christmas mix, mainly because I am currently inundated with exams and final papers and I just cant put forth the time and effort trying to dig up Holiday themed songs. Anyway, there are some really good tunes on this mix, so I hope you enjoy and i hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season.

1. Steve Martin - Five Wishes for Christmas
2. Sufjan Stevens - Come On! Lets Boogie to the Elf Dance!
3. Pas/Cal - Last Christmas ( I stole this from Shane so go show some love at The Torture Garden)
4. Pearl Jam - Let Me Sleep
5. The Knife - Christmas Reindeer
6. Maps - Sparks In The Snow (just go visit Derek at GWFAS)
7. The Killers - A Great Big Sled
8. Pearl Jam - Someday at Christmas
9. The Format - Holly Jolly Christmas
10. David Gray - (Christmas) Babylon

That's all for today. Merry Christmas or whatever. Thanks to Fuel Friends.

Monday, December 04, 2006

The Holiday Mixtape Project, Vol. 3

Hello again. I like Christmas, or rather the holiday season in general, particularly when the retarded bag boy at JCPenny's doesn't casually smash the box that is clearly marked FRAGILE while carelessly tossing it into my bag. I especially like it when I'm not subjected to watching a movie with Kirsten Dunst in it because she's a hideous mutant who, upon the very sight of her, causes temporary blindness. And I also enjoy it because I get to post some Holiday music that isn't the same Bing Crosby/David Bowie duet we've all heard a million times. Oh and I get to post weird pictures like the one above. Oh O.J., I wish you all the luck with your money grubbing exploitative ventures. Anyway, moving right along, I've got a ton of Sufjan for you on this disc, which I'm sure Kozma will appreciate. Aside from all the Sufjany Holiday goodness, I've collected quite a few songs that I think you'll enjoy, as I consider this my "you've drank too much so just sit on the couch and relax" chillout Holiday disc. So, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

1. Seasick Crocodiles - Snowflake
2. The Trekky Yuletide Orchestra - Baby It's Cold Outside
3. Sufjan Stevens - What Child Is This Anyway?
4. Traditional - Greensleeves
5. The Walkmen - The Christmas Party
6. Sufjan Stevens - That Was the Worst Christmas Ever!
7. Snowden - Christmas Time Is Here
8. The Eels - Christmas is Going to the Dogs
9. eric Metronome - Hannuka Girl
10. Explosions in the Sky - Day 7 (technically not a Holiday song, but I think it has a very festive sound)

Friday, December 01, 2006

The Holiday Mixtape Project, Vol. 2

Okay, so here it is, the second installment of the Holiday Mixtape. I decided to call it the "Holiday" mixtape rather than just a "Christmas" mixtape because "Christmas" just sounded too exclusive, and the track by Princeton on this volume has a more, well, lets just say broader appeal. I think you guys will appreciate this mix, as it has some really solid tunes. Some of you may recognize a few of the tracks from last years mix, but as I said before they're are the cream of the crop, no filler this Christmas...well, at least I'm trying to weed out all of the filler. And you Sufjan fans will be pleased to know that he makes an appearance on this mix as well, which caused Kozma to quietly roll his eyes in disgust. Whether you're a Sufjan fan or not, there's a little something for everyone on this mix, in fact, it may be the strongest Holiday mix yet, as every song is of top-notch quality, it even has possibly my favorite Christmas jam of all time, The Christmas Song by the Raveonettes, so, if anything, grab that.

1. Sufjan Stevens - Put the Lights on the Tree
2. Princeton - Where's My Christmas Morning?
3. Ron Sexsmith - Maybe This Christmas
4. Jack Johnson - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
5. Kevin Devine - Splitting Up Christmas
6. Snow Patrol - When I Get Home for Christmas
7. Low - Just Like Christmas
8. Rilo Kiley - Christmas Cake
9. Okkervil River - Listening to Otis Redding at Home During Christmas
10. The Raveonettes - The Christmas Song
11. Sufjan Stevens - Hey Guys! It's Christmas Time!

Special thanks to The Duke of Straw at The Late Greats!