Saturday, May 12, 2007

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...

So I am almost completely done with school. It only took me five years but I will finally be graduating and obtaining that ever elusive bachelors degree. Then its a good solid two months before starting graduate school in August. Since the Spoon concert a few weeks back I have acquired some new albums, which I will mention a little later, and I also received my highly anticipated and very expensive ($1800!) Macbook (pictured above, actually, thats not mine, thats from some website, but its the same one). its everything I hoped it would be and more, but my wireless network is being difficult and not allowing me to connect to the internet. Kozma just got back from Japan, so even though hes all jet lagged and what not hopefully he'll pop in to give us a summary of his experience as well as post a few pictures (lucky bastard...). I'm also going to see 28 Weeks Later tomorrow, it's supposed to be pretty good, at least the reviews I've read were pretty positive. I went to the package store today and bought this beer called Moonshot, apparently its brewed in Utica, New York, I had never heard of it, but they gave me three cases (thats 72 bottles of beer for all you math majors out there) for $18 (again, thats $6 per case). I haven't had any yet (it is currently chilling in the fridge waiting for the appropriate temperature), but even if it tastes like rabid monkey piss mixed with my brothers vomit from last night (he was found passed out on the toilet), I would still consider it a great deal. With that being said, I got some new music recently, so here a little sampling for you.

The Delays - Nearer Than Heaven
Tokyo Police Club - Be Good
Film School - Harmed
DJ Shadow - Napalm Brain Scatter Brain
The Subways - Staring at the Sun
Arctic Monkeys - No Buses
Maximo Park - Our Velocity
The Klaxons - Totem on the Timeline