Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Anti-Anti Artist Spotlight: Snowden

Those of you who were lucky enough to obtain a copy of my two-disc Christmas mixtape last year may recognize today's featured band, Snowden from Atlanta. They've been getting some press lately, due to the fact that they've finally released their debut album Anti-Anti. Having been familiar with this band for almost a year now I can easily rattle off a bunch of bands that they kind of sound like, Joy Division, Interpol, Editors, to name a few. However Snowden differs from these bands in the sense that they create an almost ethereal ambience to their expertly crafted songs. Everything here is swirling in heavy reverb that comes across as omnious at points. The somewhat off-key vocals at first seem gimmicky and disposable, however after a few listens it quickly takes on an irresistable charm. The complex rhythms and catchy bass hooks all lend to Snowden's immediate appeal. Snowden sounds like some sort of whacked out, LSD-inspired lullaby, and they lend themselves to becoming one of the greatest night-driving bands of all time. Snowden is definitely one to watch. And now, since you've patiently waded through my incessant ramblings, some MP3s to download, because I know that's what you're really here for.

Snowden - Black Eyes
Snowden - Victim Card
Snowden - Anti-Anti
Snowden - Stop the Bleeding

Bonus! The Snowden track that appeared on my Christmas mixtape Vol. 2: White Christmas & one more that didn't make the cut: Christmas Time is Here

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