Tuesday, October 28, 2008


So, Bloc Party finally graced their highly anticipated third album with some halfway decent cover art. I know I already posted some thoughts on the new album (summarization: I said it sucked), however it seems as though I was a little too harsh the first time around. As it turns out, after a few listens, the album has grown on me. That being said it does not hold a special place in my heart like Silent Alarm or A Weekend in the City do, however Intimacy does have its moments. It lacks the cohesiveness of the previous two albums, and the fact that the songs weren't really tested out and played live, means that sometimes the songs sound mroe like demos than the finished product. You can definitely tell that Kele and the boys are trying, and sometimes they are trying way too hard. "Zephyrus" is just a complete mess, and the opener "Ares" gets lost in it's own overlays. The only reason "Mercury" (a song that is just god awful terrible) was chosen as the first single is because of the sheer repition of it's one line hook of a chorus. Intimacy is not a perfect album. It is a combination of the raw sound of Silent Alarm and the smooth production of A Weekend in the City with a little bit of "Flux" sprinkled throughout.

The physical release of the album is actually the reason why I chose to do a second review on the album because it now includes the awesome song "Talons" as the ninth track in between "Zephyrus" and "Better than Heaven", and if you get the limited edition of the disc you will get an extra two tracks "Letter to my Son" and "Your Visits Are Getting Shorter", and if you live in the U.S. like I do, you get "Flux" tacked on to the end for some reason. I read somewhere that since Bloc Party signed a four album deal with their label, each one of the albums is going to be influenced by one band member in particular. Apparently this one is the Drummer Matt Tong's baby, whatever. It's decent, but not as good as the others. There are times when Bloc Party exhibit their ability to be potentially one of the most exciting bands in the world, however they are packed in between songs that just sort of last their way. Below is the closing track off of the album (if you don't count "Flux"), and it is one of the truly great songs off of Intimacy.

Bloc Party - Ion Square

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