Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Boxer Rebellion

The Boxer Rebellion is a band (wait what?! I know what you were thinking, surely the Boxer Rebellion, or more accurately the Boxer Uprising was the violent anti-foreign, anti-Christian movement by the "Righteous Fists of Harmony,” Yihe tuan or Society of Righteous and Harmonious Fists in China, in response to imperialist expansion, growth of cosmopolitan influences, and missionary evangelism and against the backdrop of state fiscal crisis and natural disasters, local organizations began to emerge in Shandong in 1898), well no my friends, The Boxer Rebellion is a band out of London but their singer is from the U.S. somewhere. Anyway long story short, they gained some attention and they were going to support the Killers on tour a few years back but the lead singer ended up having some sort of medical anomaly worthy of the show House occur to him and it seemed as though the band would never get to fully realize their cocaine indulging, groupie whore-mongering dreams, however all was not lost. the singer got better, and recently they released their "second" full length album which recently debuted on the Billboard 100 at #84, not a big deal until you hear the kicker...they're a 100% unsigned band. their music isn't all that original but it grows on you and the simple fact that they've managed to develop a loyal following that actually is willing to buy their releases solely through the marketing power of social networking sites is quite the feat. Anyway, I have to admit I haven't listened to the disc all the way through but it seems pretty good...if you like Interpol or one of those other post-punk revival bands like I do I suggest you check out The Boxer Rebellion's new release, exclusively on iTunes entitled "Union".

mp3: The Boxer Rebellion - Never Knowing How or Why

video: Evacuate

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