Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Placebo - Battle for the Sun

Placebo has recently released their sixth studio album, entitled Battle for the Sun, which is the first to feature new drummer Steve Forrest (the guy on the left there), after the departure of previous drummer Steve Hewitt. So it seems kind of strange to be reviewing a Placebo record, namely because Placebo lost a lot of steam in the late ninties and didn't make a record I actually enjoyed until 2006's Meds. I was a little weary about giving this album a spin, and while it's certainly not their best work, in the end I was glad that I decided to take the chance. This new album is definitely heavier than their previous album, and even features some new instruments, most notably being a full out horn section, which for the most part, serve to bolster the songs they are utilized on. The lyrics are somewhat lacking, as frontman Brian Molko tends to forego lyrical cohesion in favor of rhyming every couplet. Other than that, the album isn't all that bad, however there are bands similar to Placebo that are doing it bigger and better. In any case, check out the mp3 below of the first single from Placebo's Battle for the Sun.

Placebo - For What It's Worth

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