Friday, November 12, 2010

Girls - Broken Dreams Club review

I managed to have a listen to the brand new Girls EP, Broken Dreams Club, about a week ago, but for various reasons I have been putting a proper review on the back burner.  I really enjoyed their debut album, Album, so I naturally assumed I would enjoy this new offering from the band.  Clocking in at six songs and just a tad over 30 minutes, it is a rather substantial effort, and well worth a purchase.  It should be noted, however, that this new EP is a more relaxed, subdued listen than its jangly-guitar driven predecessor.  Broken Dreams Club finds the duo swapping fuzz boxes for slide guitars and distortion pedals for brass sections and organs.  Notably absent is the sunny, summer party pop of songs like "Lust for Life", instead being replaced with Elvis Costello-esque lamentations of love and life.  It all feels vaguely familiar, especially when Christopher Owens sings "and they'll never know the times you cried in your bedroom/about the times you cried in the classroom/about your mother or your father or the way you got your broken heart" on the opening track, "Thee Oh So Protective One".  It feels as though these songs were written with a Sadie Hawkins dance in mind, particularly if none of the girls in school asked you to go with them.  Overall, Broken Dreams Club is worth a listen and definitely worth a purchase if you've got $10 bucks eating a hole in your pocket, just don't put this EP on if you're throwing a party.

Broken Dreams Club is out November 22nd...pre-order at

Head over to the bands website to grab an mp3 of the song "Broken Dreams Club" (email required)

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