Monday, July 31, 2006

Introducing the first (but certainly not the last) Insert Brand Name Here themed mixtape!

I wanted to post this days ago, however my busy professional schedule and the sheer insanity of my social life prevented me from doing just that. Anyway, this post contains the very first Insert Brand Name Here mixtape. Now I know that around Christmas I posted a two volume Christmas mixtape, however I'm not counting that one for two reasons. First reason: you couldn't download it, which I know is just completely lame. Second reason: it wasn't an official part of the new revamped IBNH collaboration between me and my good friend Koz. Enough with the legalities and on to the mixtape. After some debating as to what the theme to this mixtape was going be we finally decided on...silly songs. Silly songs, are generally songs that I find particularly amusing. I find that no matter what mood I'm in, I can play one of these tunes and instantly put a smile on my face.

1. Ben Folds - Bitches Ain't Shit - the geektastic Ben Folds covers Dr. Dre, complete with stirring piano melody. Give me one good reason as to why you wouldn't download this track.
2. Cansei de ser Sexy - Music is My Hot, Hot Sex - this song is pure pop bliss. It's undeniably catchy and the lyrics are so absurd they actually make some kind of sense.
3. LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk is Playing at my House - LCD Soundsystem is straight-up New York underground disco. And they're singing about Daft Punk. Playing at their house no less.
4. Feist - Mushaboom - Kozma and I both really like this song. It's hard to explain what makes it so charming and endearing. Just download and find out for yourself.
5. Blur - Crazy Beat - Blur consistently puts out great music while managing to change their sound with every album. This song generally puts a smile on my face because it is incredibly infectious and the chorus is complete with what sounds like Daffy Duck on ecstasy.
6. Ratatat - Wildcat - this track is off of the upcoming album from Ratatat entitled Classics. Like most Ratatat songs the song is good, and supplies the aforementioned good in perfectly delivered ass shaking beats. Oh yeah, it also contains samples of a cougar.
7. Lovage - Stroker Ace - this tune is off the album Nathaniel Merriweather presents...Lovage, music to make love to your old lady by. Just the name of the album makes me giggle.
8. Presidents of the USA - Peaches - if you don't know this song already...remember the video? With the ninjas!
9. Mates of State - Goods - pretty much anything that Mates of State has put out has successfully made me jump with glee. I mean seriously how could you not?
10. The Koreans - Keep Me In Your Mind - Entourage fans will surely recognize this catchy tune from the episode entitled Crash and Burn.
11. Teddybears Stockholme feat. Mad Cobra - Cobrastyle - I know I already posted this one but how could I not post a song by a group who calls themselves Teddybears Stockholme feat. Mad Cobra?
12. Chromeo - Needy Girl - I know I posted this one already too, but this song is not only catchy and amusin, but it features some downright genius lyrics.

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