Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lack of a title doesn't necessarily mean a lack of quality tunes

The above photo doesn't really have anything to do with anything, but I like posting pictures and I kind of like the little guy, what with his buggy eyes and bizarre black and white pigmentation. Anyway, I'm going to keep this post relatively short, seeing as how I am barely home anymore, what with the Spring semester starting last week and my mind-numbing sales job draining the life out of me. For the past few days I've been trying to think of a mixtape or something even borderline creative, but I'm completely fried, so I figured I'd just take the easy way out and offer up some mp3s of the albums that have been placed on heavy rotation in the last month or so. Given the fact that my Ipod is my saving grace at school, you know that these tracks are quality, so enjoy.

Maximo Park A Certain Trigger buy
Maximo Park - Apply Some Pressure
Maximo Park - The Coast Is Always Changing

Rogue Wave Descended Like Vultures buy
Rogue Wave - California
Rogue Wave - Publish My Love

Snowden Anti Anti buy
Snowden - Black Eyes
Snowden - Victim Card
Snowden - Stop Your Bleeding
Snowden - Anti Anti

Guillemots Through the Windowpane buy
Guillemots - Trains to Brazil
Guillemots - Made Up Lovesong #43
Guillemots - Through the Windowpane

The Good, The Bad and The Queen The Good, The Bad and The Queen buy
The Good, The Bad and the Queen - Hurculean

The Album Leaf Into the Blue Again buy
The Album Leaf - Always For You
The Album Leaf - Shine
The Album Leaf - Into the Sea

The Stone Roses The Stone Roses buy
The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored
The Stone Roses - Made of Stone
The Stone Roses - Elephant Stone

Muse Black Holes & Revelations buy
Muse - Invincible
Muse - Assassin
Muse - Starlight
Muse - Knights of Cydonia - the best video of the year by far

That's all for now, I have a lot of homework ahead of me, hope you enjoyed the post. Until next time.

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