Friday, February 23, 2007

The Wombats. Dig It.

What's in a name? Apparently not much, considering the fact that a lot of the bands that are emerging today have absolutely ridiculous names. Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah!, anyone? How about Panic at the Disco (which I will admit would be a cool name for an album or a song)? Either way it seems as though bands are exerting themselves to exhaustion trying to come up with a name that oozes coolness, the kind of coolness that will make the indie-hipster kids salivate. The Wombats, are one of those bands you can't really put your finger on, were they trying to come up with a name totally abstract and nonsensical, or do they just not care? Whatever the case may be, this three-piece from Liverpool, England will most definitely have the indie-hipster kids clamoring for more. Their brand of catchy, bliss-induced pop is certainly difficult to not like, and I can almost guarantee that your toes will be tapping in no time. Don't believe me? Well, let your ears feast on the following mp3 nuggets of poppy joy.

The Wombats - My First Wedding
The Wombats - Lost in the Post
The Wombats - Backfire @ the Disco (mp3)
The Wombats - Patricia the Stripper (mp3)

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