Wednesday, February 16, 2011

St. Jerome's Laneway Festival

So I went to the Laneway Festival in Adelaide this past Friday and it was a blast.  A great lineup (much better than Big Day Out) and phenomenal sets by bands big and small made the day very memorable.  My only complaint was that the venue was tiny.  It was literally held in an alleyway behind a nightclub.  This generally wasn't a problem, however there were instances of people being pushed, stepped on, spilled on, burnt with lit cigarettes, and on occasion, hit in the head with flying Asahi beer bottles (don't fret, they were plastic).  The above picture kind of sums it all up, although it was even more crowded when some of the bigger name bands came on later in the evening (Two Door Cinema Club was almost unwatchable due to the mass pandemonium that set in when they took the stage).  In total there were three stages, the main stage (pictured above), a medium sized one tucked into a corner, and the smallest stage actually being inside of the nightclub.  Overall it was an enjoyable experience and all of the bands that I managed to catch had some really great sets including the following:

Warpaint - not only can they play their instruments, but this all girl band isn't too bad to look at either.
Bear In Heaven - sonically impressive band from Brooklyn (despite the fact that the lead singer looks like the ultimate lax bro).
The Antlers - played some new songs that were so-so, but a good, raw set overall. 
Two Door Cinema Club - fun and energetic, if you've heard their album you've pretty much heard them live.
Yeasayer - the set was a little hit and miss for me, but impressive nonetheless.
Cut Copy - my girlfriend hates Cut Copy but has admitted that they put on a great show, I've seen them twice now and I have to agree.

Check out the full lineup here.  Scroll below for video from the show.


Cloud Control


Cut Copy

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