Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Friendly Fires live @ The Gov 17/02/11

Friendly Fires played a sold out show at The Gov on the 17th of February that I was lucky enough to attend. The band was energetic to say the least, with each band member bouncing around on stage like a Mexican jumping bean.  The set consisted of fan favorites off of their self-titled debut album like "White Diamonds", "Jump In The Pool" and "Paris", as well as some new songs that had the crowd twisting their bodies and bopping their heads. 

Overall the show was fun, although it was a little on the short side, with Friendly Fires performing for just a little over an hour.  The new songs that I heard didn't impress me immediately, as they showed off the bands penchant for flair and hooks, however I just felt as though the new songs were trying a little too hard.  The band was straining for the hooks to really catch on with the audience with varying degrees of success. 

Friendly Fires' new album Pala, is set to drop sometime this year, and even though I will definitely be investing in a copy, the show left me wondering if their sophomore album will be as instantaneously infectious as their first.  I suppose only time will tell.  In the meantime, if you ever have the chance of seeing Friendly Fires live, I highly suggest you doing so.  It is a fun, raucous, dynamic experience that will delight your ear drums and have you tapping your feet  and flailing your arms wildly in anticipation.

Friendly Fires - Lovesick

Special thanks to Adelaide photographer Michael Selge @ Craftypics photography & Neon Gold Records

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