Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Luyas/Twin Sister Split 7" review

Mellow, dream pop band Twin Sister and their close friends The Luyas have released a double A-side single in celebration of Record Store Day this past Saturday.  The split single features two brand new tracks, "Meet the Frownies" by Twin Sister and "When I Am a Woman" by The Luyas.

"Meet the Frownies" was originally recorded by Twin Sister in conjunction with the nonprofit Weathervane Music for their Shaking Through series.  It is what you'd expect for a Twin Sister song, in that it is a slow burning, contemplative little number.  The lyrics start with "Smoking weed with you / in the leaves, in the fall / in the yard with your dog, till the winter came".  It may sound like shoddy journalism, but to be completely honest, that's all you really need to know about this track.  It is a fuzzy, hazy tune that was reportedly written and recorded in under twelve hours, and I wouldn't be surprised if for the majority of those twelve hours the band was smoking weed themselves.

Canadian band The Luyas contribute the track "When I Am a Woman", and it is a trippy, unearthly song that resonates with you.  Jessie Stein's delicate, innocent vocals are surrounded by the swirling horns and jangly guitar before being shot off into the stratosphere with the haunting presence of the electronic organ.  It is a truly hypnotic track that is a good indication of things to come.

The two songs present on this split 7" single compliment each other well, and it is a great introduction to a couple of bands that should be on your radar, if they aren't already.  The chances of you scoring a physical copy of this 7" are pretty slim, so below you will find a link to download the Twin Sister track, free of charge. Enjoy.

The Luyas | Too Beautiful To Work from A Story Told Well on Vimeo.

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