Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bare Wires - Don't Ever Change single review

Californian band Bare Wires are awesome.  Just look at that photo to the right.  How could you not immediately like three guys who look like David St. Hubbins, Mitch from Dazed & Confused and baseball great Rollie Fingers?

In all seriousness, this trio crafts simple garage rock tunes with pop sensibilities.  Single "Don't Ever Change" is nothing special, it doesn't light a fire under your ass, or do anything particularly spectacular.  It is, however, a slow burning, feel good type of song.  It's simplistic nature and charming attitude is hard to shake, especially when you couple it with its accompanying video (see below).

Bare Wires seems like the type of band who would play with the same amount of enthusiasm and energy regardless of whether the crowd consisted of twelve people or twelve hundred.  They look like a band who is having fun, genuinely reveling in what they're doing.  In an age where every buzzband has some kind of avant-garde attitude concerning their art, it is refreshing to see a band just enjoy themselves.

That being said, Bare Wires aren't really all that interesting.  We've heard garage rock, noise pop, et al. before, and Bare Wires don't bring anything new or innovative to the mix.  But something tells me that they don't really care all that much.

Bare Wires - Don't Ever Change 7" Single by Robot Elephant Records

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