Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sun Glitters - Cosmic Oceans review

With a name like Sun Glitters, you would expect the music to be unabashed candy coated fluff, complete with every Garageband Wizards wet dream of studio indulgences.  The Cosmic Oceans EP from Luxembourg beat sorcerer Victor Ferreira is somewhat surprising because it doesn't really play up to any preconceived notions.  Instead, Sun Glitters presents a small collection of songs that is like the sun drenched cousin of the rapegaze (erm, witch house) sound pioneered by the likes of gloom peddlers Salem.

Melodies are buried underneath wave after wave of processed ambient tinkerings, effectively creating rich electronic textures that succeed in creating a mood, but not much else.  Opener "it's like a monday, but it's not" features a skittering beat, haphazardly skipping across ethereal moans and see-sawing metallic pangs.  The lyrics are of no consequence as they are processed to the point of indecipherable wails and murmurs.

"it's like a monday but it's not" bleeds into "cosmic oceans", which, unfortunately, follows the same formula as its predecessor.  It does this so much so that the two songs could have been easily mashed into one five minute track instead of two two and a half minute ones.  "yesterday's weakness" is easily the most interesting, and listenable track, as it features a variety of layered effects that give the song a structure that is desperately lacking in the previous tracks.  That being said, it fails to save the droney, pensive undercurrent that weighs down the entire EP.

Sun Glitters creates pretty background music, the kind of stuff that would play in elevators if the world was populated by pretentious hipsters.  Listening to Sun Glitters is kind of like a dream, while sweet, when its all over you can't really remember all that much about it.

Sun Glitters - Cosmic Oceans (feat. Steffaloo) by design_t

Sun Glitters Cosmic Oceans 

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