Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Aves live @ Jive 17/09/2011

I have only been a resident of Adelaide for about a year now.  When the assignment to cover the Panic EP launch of local band The Aves rolled through my inbox, I had no idea who The Aves were, nor did I know how to correctly pronounce their name (long a? Short a?). Never one to say no to free passes to a show, I made my way to Jive Saturday night.

Another local band, The Honey Pies, opened the show.  They possessed a playful exuberance that had the stilettoed groupies bouncing jauntily from one fake-tanned calf muscle to the other.  Despite possessing the energy of a seven-year-old on a Fizz Whizz binge, the music of The Honey Pies shifted genres so much that they ultimately sounded like karaoke night at some hipster dive bar in Brooklyn.  Not exactly whetting my appetite for The Aves brand of lo-fi garage rock...

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*special thanks to Spoz for the above video...see what he's ranting and raving about today at Spoz's Rant

Grow Up by theavesmusic

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