Thursday, September 01, 2011

Batrider - Piles Of Lies album review

A few years back I read an article that postulated what would have happened to Kurt Cobain had he not committed suicide, kicked his drug habit and adjusted to his life as a music superstar. It proposed that Cobain would have put Nirvana on an indefinite hiatus to dabble in painting and release a solo album to mixed indifference. He would also divorce and eventually remarry Courtney Love.

The new album, Piles Of Lies, by Adelaide (by way of New Zealand) band, Batrider, sounds like a Love/Cobain side project. With the distortion pedal firmly squashed to the floor and despondent lyrics that ooze with heartache, the album reeks of early ‘90s Seattle...

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Rip It Up Batrider Piles Of Lies album review

Batrider - Piles of Lies by Mess+Noise

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