Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Mix 2010

So here it is, the annual Insert Brand Name Here Christmas mix  available for download in a handy .zip file for your convenience.  Hours were spent compiling this mix, agonizing over track placement in order to make sure this mix could sound the best it possibly could.  Here in Australia, Christmas falls in the middle of summer, so for me it doesn't even really seem like Christmas.  Instead of shoveling snow and bundling up against the cold, I am getting ready for the beach.  It definitely doesn't feel like Christmas, but listening to this mix definitely reminds me that no matter where we are, it's still Christmas.  So break out the egg nog, gather 'round the Christmas tree and sit back with eighteen quality Christmas tracks!

  1. Julian Casablancas - I Wish It Was Christmas Today
  2. Sufjan Stevens - Hey Guys! It's Christmas Time
  3. Slow Club - Christmas (Please Come Home)
  4. Low - Just Like Christmas
  5. Band of Horses - The First Song
  6. Ryan Adams - Hey Parker, It's Christmas
  7. Snowden - White Christmas
  8. Tiger Baby - This Christmas
  9. The Raveonettes - Come On Santa
  10. Kevin Devine - Splitting Up Christmas
  11. Yo La Tengo - It's Christmas Time
  12. Coldplay - Christmas Lights
  13. The Pogues - Fairytale of New York
  14. Jimmy Eat World - Last Christmas
  15. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - All I Want for Christmas
  16. The Walkmen - Christmas Party
  17. Gil Mantera's Party Dream - Brave New Christmas
  18. The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping
Download the IBNH Christmas 2010 Mixtape here (link removed)

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