Sunday, July 03, 2011

Tim & Jean - Like What review

Here’s an analogy for you. Lady Gaga is to mainstreamers what Tim & Jean are to scenesters. Make no mistake, there is nothing original, unique or groundbreaking about Tim & Jean.  In fact, you probably already have a few albums by artists who sound incredibly similar. Passion Pit? MGMT? Cut/Copy? The Naked & Famous? If so, you’ve pretty much heard everything teenagers Tim & Jean have to offer.

This complete lack of originality isn’t a bad thing when you do it right. Let’s conduct a little history lesson for those of you born post 1990: Lady Gaga wouldn’t exist without Madonna, Madonna wouldn’t exist without Debbie Harry and so on and so forth. Tim & Jean are basically copycats; a duo who were enamoured with electro-pop and took their fandom one step further to make their own record...

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Rip It Up Tim & Jean Like What album review

Tim And Jean - "Like What" by YiN Magazine

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