Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Here Comes...the IBNH Halloween Mix, Vol. 2

So, I promised that I would be delivering the subsequent installments of the IBNH Halloween Mega-Mix in a timely manner, and well, as you can probably tell, I have made good on my promise. Today's installment features some really spooky and unsettling songs that are sure to make your Halloween that much more enjoyable. One thing about this installment that differs a bit from the first is the fact that this selection of songs is bit more ecelectic than the first. I think all of you will enjoy this next collection of songs, as they all exhibit a truly "Halloween" vibe.

1. Kronos Quartet - Summer Overture - anyone who has seen Requiem for a Dream will instantly recognize this this genuinely haunting song. The slick production and the mezmerizing strings that are weaved throughout this song cast off a truly ominous feeling.
2. Deftones - Change (In the House of Flies) - I never really enjoyed Deftones brand of nu-metal rock hop, but with their album White Pony they exhibit a more alt-rock sound, opting for more ambient distortion, which works effectively well on this track, a song that leaves a sour taste in your mouth.
3. Aphex Twin - Come to Daddy - this guy is really bizarre, there is an urban myth floating around about how Richard David James (aka Aphex Twin) locked himself in his vault/recording studio for a week or something with only water and copious tabs of acid. Whatever the case may be, this track is just utterly surreal, something about eating a soul and coming to daddy. I'll let you judge for yourself.
4. Joy Division - She's Lost Control - aside from being one of my favorite bands, Joy Division can be considered one of those bands who "pioneered" a certain sound. With their deep affection for dark, gloomy lyrics layered atop multitudes of synthesizers, they crafted deeply memorable songs that were, simply put, pretty damn spooky. Although lead singer Ian Curtis ultimately killed himself, their influence is more than apparent in today's music.
5. Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) - Manson's cover of the Euthryhmics hit is an unhol y union made in the deepest, darkest trench of Hell, which means it's a pretty cool cover. And Marilyn Manson scares me. Sometimes.
6. Cat Power - Werewolf - Chan Marshall (aka Cat Power) has one of the most seductive voices on the planet. She is a singer/songwriter in every sense of the words and this haunting ode is no exception. The sheer emotion in her voice is spine tingling.

That's all for today, the second installment in the IBNH Halloween Mega-Mix is now complete, as always I hope you enjoyed these quality tracks and if you didn't, well then I'm not entirely sure why you're here in the first place. Either way, make sure you check back again soon, there is more of the Halloween Mega-Mix to come.

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