Saturday, August 06, 2011

Miami Horror live @ The Gov 08/07/2011

The show opened with Gold Fields, a group of young guys who bounce around on stage like a bunch of Mexican Jumping Beans.  Their moderately known material is nothing to call home about, however their enthusiastic live renditions were infinitely more interesting than their studio recorded counterparts, showing that Gold Fields has some promise.

The kaleidoscopic electropop peddlers that everyone came to see, Melbourne's Miami Horror, took their sweet time taking the stage.  This prompted a few overzealous cheers at the appearance of an overweight sound guy who came to check some of the onstage equipment.

To be completely honest, I was skeptical when the band took the stage.  They all looked slightly pretentious and kind of sleazy, like they had just shown up to some 1970s porno shoot.  I wasn't sold on how their studio sound would transfer to a live setting, especially considering that I had heard that some of their early live shows consisted of nothing but front man Benjamin Plant singing over prerecorded background music.  Surrounded by their expensive synths and nearly tripping over all of the wires running along the floor, the band launched into song after song of danceable indie pop that had everyone on their feet.

Miami Horror played through their set with an infectious energy that quickly spread throughout the crowd of The Gov, which I suppose would be fairly easy when six of the twelve tracks on your debut album have been released as singles.  Even though there wasn't an appearance by Kiwi alt-cutie Kimbra (who performs the vocals on 'I Look To You'), Miami Horror delivered an upbeat performance that truly electrified the crowd.  The show was, in a word, awesome.  I left incredibly impressed and I would assume that everyone in attendance would agree with me if I said that it was $35 well spent.

I did, however, feel somewhat violated during the show, given Plant's penchant for putting his guitar between his legs and thrusting his hips forward in a thinly veiled demonstration of some kind of oversexed junior high school perversion. I don't know if a guitar can be used as compensation for a certain part of male anatomy, but given Plant's proclivities, he should look into acquiring one of these.

Moon Theory by Miami Horror (Official)

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