Monday, July 27, 2009

Cassette Kids

Cassette Kids are a band hailing from Sydney, Australia that I had only recently discovered. Given the fact that a number of the bands that I enjoy very much come from the land down under (Cut Copy, The Presets, Howling Bells, Van She, etc) I figured I'd give these guys (and gal) a shot as well. I was especially inclined to do so considering the band had won the Unearthed Sydney 2008 Big Day Out competition, and were nominated for a 2008 Unearthed J Award (ed. note: I am not familiar with either one of these awards, however they are still awards so therefore I have to admit that I am impressed). The band released an EP (can seven tracks still be considered an EP? A mini-album perhaps?) in 2008 titled We Are. I've only listened to it all the way through once, but I have to say that i enjoyed it very much. I would have to say that they sound very similar to the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, the most apparent correlation being the vocal similarity of Karen O and Cassette Kids' Katrina Noorbergen. Definitely recommended.

Cassette Kids - Meant to Be
Cassette Kids - Anywhere But Home (BMX remix)

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