Friday, July 10, 2009

July 4th in NYC with Jenny Lewis & Conor Oberst

So I went into the city to check out the free concert in Battery Park, featuring indie-folk-pop-rock heroes Jenny Lewis and Conor Oberst. The show itself wasn't bad, and I did manage to snap some decent shots, however there were a couple of drawbacks to the overall experience, first and foremost, there is no booze allowed in the park (which sucked but we more than made up for it once we left), and the ridiculous time in between sets (which we passed by playing the drinking game Asshole, albeit without the booze). I'm not a huge fan of Jenny Lewis or Conor Oberst, but I have to admit that I had a fairly decent time. I posted a couple of mp3's of some of the songs that they played below for your sampling pleasure, and I hope your fourth was as good as mine.

Jenny Lewis - Acid Tongue
Conor Oberst - NYC Gone, Gone
Conor Oberst - Souled Out
Conor Oberst - Sausalito

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