Friday, July 24, 2009

Van She

I was watching Mad Max: Beyond the Thunderdome the other day and I started thinking about all of the Australian bands I have come to enjoy over the past few years and I realized that I had yet to post about what is quite possibly my favorite Australian band, Van She. I have one word to describe this band. Infectious. For those of you who actually read this little blog Van She is a band that hails from the land down under (specifically Sydney), and like most of the bands who hit it big around the globe, they craft electropop tunes that can be described in any combination of adjectives that you choose to use. Their label, Modular, describes them as Their label introduced them as a "new band from Sydney fresh on ideas, fresher than Flavor Flav, fresh like coriander, fresher than the Fresh Prince." While that may seem a bit kitcshy, and perhaps a little contrived, the bottom line is that they have honed their synth-based sound to create luscious, danceable tunes. Do yourself a favor and check them out.


Van She - Kelly
Van She - Changes
Van She - Memory Man
Van She - Cat & The Eye

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