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Boy & Bear live @ The Gov 20/05/2011

Rip It Up sent me to review this show, however they didn't end up using it, so here it is, better late than never.

A shoulder-to-shoulder, sold-out crowd packed The Gov on Friday, 20th of May as the five members of Boy & Bear took the stage and settled behind their instruments.  Incandescent light bulbs were strung above while little lamps salvaged from garage sales adorned the stage, setting the mood for an intimate and powerful performance.
Boy & Bear have garnered attention due to their captivating vocal harmonies and memorable melodies, and seeing them live is not only a treat for the ears but the eyes as well.  They perform together like a consistent and concise well-oiled machine, easily capturing the essence of their studio recordings. This isn’t to say that the band simply slides into their comfort zone and plays their songs in a mechanical or rigid fashion.  The sold-out crowd was treated to extended guitar solos and an incredibly energetic performance, prompting them to sing-along while waving their hands in the air.

Boy & Bear’s set consisted of many fan-favourites including “Blood To Gold” and “Mexican Mavis”. However, it was the song that secured them the number five spot on this year’s Hottest 100 that incited the biggest reaction.  Their cover of Crowded House’s “Fall At Your Feet” was an exceptionally potent experience, with the chugging beats of drummer Tim Hart levying palpable emotion.

The band’s new material lulled concertgoers into a sleepy shuffle, although a few eccentric diehards tried their best to clap along.  Despite these slight missteps, Boy & Bear always managed to get the crowd’s collective pulse beating again with their folksy brand of country balladry and indie rock.

Late in their set vocalist Dave Hosking announced to the crowd that although he “probably shouldn’t be saying this”, the sold-out Adelaide crowd was the best they’ve had so far.  To be fair, when a show is as good as it was on Friday night, the band deserves it.

Boy & Bear - "Mexican Mavis" by theaudioperv

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