Sunday, June 25, 2006

Incoherent rambling and a picture that has nothing to do with anything

The United States is out of the World Cup. Oh well. There's still a whole bunch of other countries I've never heard of vying for the prize! Go Paraguay! Anyway, so I was sitting around my house earlier today watching the History Channel. Normally I wouldn't have minded watching the History Channel for any period of time but for some reason their 2 hour long snore fest that is "The History of European Revolvers" just wasn't cutting it. Don't get me wrong, guns are cool, I'm not some crazy leftist liberal hippie or something, although I am a registered Democrat. Anyway, what I'm trying to get at is that this particular program was boring. I ended up popping in the new unrated version of The Hills Have Eyes that just came out on DVD and it was considerably more gruesome than the theatrical version, which enhanced my overall viewing experience. To tell you the truth, I actually liked the remake more so than the original. After that I got bored again and so now here I am, talking to whoever out there who has enough time to waste at this site.

And things to click on!

Watch the weird ressurrection of a goldfish hint: you have to click on the one entitled "goldfish" once you get to the site. And here I thought Mountain Dew was only good if you were planning on jumping out of a plane or hitching a ride on a shark or something else equally extreme.

Funny, yet strangley offensive Volkswagon commercial (Thanks to Kozma for finding that little gem)

Presenting the 50 worst video game names ever

And finally...I'm fairly certain that Wonder Showzen is the only show capable of having a skit where God can blow his head off with a shotgun and that's not even the most disturbing part of the sketch.

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