Monday, July 11, 2005

Rap Snacks?

This is one of the most disturbing (and yet strangely hilarious) things I have ever come across on the internet. It has to be one of the most shameless American marketing schemes I have ever had the displeasure of seeing. This is capitalism at it's worst folks. Be prepared to be shocked and apalled. Imagine you're at your local 7-11. You're casually browsing through the plentiful snacks that they have available. You're not exactly sure what you're craving, but you'll know it once you see it. You pass by the Milky Ways and all their creamy caramel goodness. You press on forward past the sugary explosion that is Fun-Dip. You manuever into the chip aisle ignoring the omnious stares of the creepy mustachioed caricatures plastered on the dozens of Pringles cans until finally, you see Master P, staring at you with his platinum grill from a bag of chips. Yes thats right a bag of chips. Rap Snacks are crappy, unhealthy garbage that hopefully the white suburban children will be dumb enough to buy. These things have to be the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Just take a look at the flavors. Platinum Bar-B-Que? Southern Crunk Bar-B-Que? Red Hot Ripplets? Honey Dew Cheese Curls? Hot Cheezie Popcorn? Slasa Cheese? (And my personal favorite) The ever mysterious Back At The Ranch. What on Earth can these things possibly taste like? Do these "flavors" actually sound appetizing to anyone? If you thought that was bad just wait until you see all of the hip hop stars that have come out to endorse this ridiculous product. Now granted I'm not a rap fan so please correct me if I'm wrong, but has anyone ever heard of "Pastor Troy"? Or "Pretty Willie"? How about "Ms. Toy"? "Magic" anyone? You really have to see this site for yourself in order to fully appreciate it's inate silliness.
And just in case any of you wanted to purchase any of these delicious products

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