Friday, August 11, 2006

This picture has nothing to do with this post

It sounds inhuman, but seriously anyone who starts hitting explosive devices with a sledgehammer deserves to blown up. If your sensitive enough to get at all up in arms about that, your probably another fat and lazy American who complains all the time, and will eventually be using one of these, if your not already. Keeping with the topic of stupid people, Mel Gibsons new movie Apocalypto has been reportedly dropped by Disney and is currently looking for a new distributor, for some reason Disney doesn't want to be aligned with bigots.

And now for some music you haven't heard or are about to hear again. Well start off with the a nice random track by The Pixies - Hey, because their awesome. The next two songs come from a band you should have heard of, but probably haven't. The Division group consists of Ben Kenney (Incubus, The Roots) and Neal Evans (Soulive) and Ashley Mendel. If your not already impressed with the idea of Kenney and Evans playing together, check out And How Are You and Finding Happiness Within Impending Doom. You might find a lack of production that you would otherwise be expecting from such a group of musicians, but they recorded it themselves in Kenney's kitchen, supposedly, so how much can you really expect.

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