Saturday, August 05, 2006

Yoga, So hot right now

Yoga, we've all heard of it, only few of us have been dumb enough to try it, I am one of them. I admit, I felt surprisingly refreshed and healthy after my 90 minute session, but I was stretching in a 110 degree room for an hour and a half. Unless your a sucker like myself, save your money and spring for a 20 minute hot shower, youll get the same effect.

In case you havent been offended today, let me present you with this interesting little film: Gay Niggers From Outer Space. If your not yet offended, be prepared for some great dialogue from "Capt. B. Dick" and his son, "Arm In Ass."

Moving away from film, if you have wanted to see bloc party but were too lame to ever do it, you can be slightly redeemed by going here and downloading some live shows. Or if you wanna listen to some music youve never heard before, you can check out Pelagia. Self described as machine rock, whatever the fuck that means, there worth a listen.

Finally, Ill leave all you potheads with some encouraging news, German scientists have been testing their new Anti-Stupidity Pill to cure short term memory loss.

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