Thursday, August 31, 2006

City traffic puzzle...all points lead to The Hush Sound

I first head about Chicago band The Hush Sound through my good friend and fellow blog contributor, Kozma, and I have to say that I must remember to thank him for introducing me to this exceptional band. Their style is hard to pinpoint, as it ranges from alt rock to pop to folksy bluesy stuff but take it from me, it's all very, very good. Their songs are full of catchy guitar riffs, bliss inducing piano melodies and beautifully layered male/female vocals. The Hush Sound is truly a breath of fresh air in todays over-saturated music scene full of your run-of-the-mill Fall Out Boys and talentless Jessica Simpsons, but don't just take my word for it, take a listen and find out for yourself.

The Hush Sound - Crawling Towards the Sun - If you don't find this song incredibly catchy and enjoyable, you must be dead inside and, in turn, are now dead to me.

The Hush Sound - Momentum - Stop being difficult and just download it, one of my favorite tracks off of their 2005 debut album, So Sudden.

The Hush Sound Official Site & Their MySpace for more well-crafted pop-rock.

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