Monday, August 28, 2006


While checking out some street art online today I managed to stumble upon a great music video by Malajube, you havent heard of them because there from France. Their half live action half animation concept works surprisingly well, and inspired me to feed you with some other gems out there, and so we begin...

Malajube - Montreal -40C The video is fun, its in French, and makes you want to find a source to steal the bands album.
Kenna - Hellbent Ive loved this video since it first reached my hands a few years ago, my apathy disallowed my searching and listening to more of their music. Im sure theres a life message in this video, try and find it.
Genesis - Land of Confusion Ok, arguably, theres no animation in this video, but theres puppets, and they're really fuckin creepy. If you're five years old, your going to have nightmares.
Beck - Girl This is sort of a continuation of the Genesis theme, Not really animation, but its got some great effects, supposedly inspired by the Mad Magazine fold in.
Tool - Sober This video gets wierd somewhere around 00:07, buts its not until about 04:45 that your treated to your bizarre animated creatures.
Radiohead - Paranoid Android Its fun, its wierd, its radiohead, and American media felt it necessary to be censored. Enjoy.

BONUS FUN!! Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006!! This is absolutely amazing, and if you dont like it, I hate you. If the planets align soon enough, it will be turned into a video game or movie of some sort.

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