Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day

When I conducted a Google image search of "labor day sexy", this was the first result. I thought it was mildly amusing so I decided to put it up for your viewing pleasure. Anyway, Labor Day is tomorrow, which means a whole bunch of Americans are getting drunk and consuming foods incredibly high in calories while persumably playing volleyball or swimming or whatever it is people do. We, as Americans need Labor Day because we tend to overwork ourselves, and while other countires have mid-day nap breaks and mandatory five week vacations, here in America we run on four hours of sleep, lots of caffeine and a false sense of accomplishment when we complete some arbitrary and mundane task for our employers. For me, Labor Day marks the very end of summer, as my student teaching begins the very next day. Anyway, have fun, and to celebrate Labor Day, I was able to track down the hilarious song from Team America: World Police. Enjoy and happy Labor Day and remember to do your own thing, baby.

Team America - America, Fuck Yeah!

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