Saturday, October 16, 2010

Small cars, fair trade and Sudanese rappers

One of the things that I have noticed since coming to Australia is the general population's proclivity for smaller cars than Americans. The big car craze that seemed to grip middle class America never really caught on in Australia, probably something to do with the fact that petrol (gasoline) hovers around $1.15 per liter (approx. 4 liters in a gallon, you do the math). That's not to say that all cars in Australia are tiny little Micro Machines, although people, especially younger people, tend to gravitate to smaller, more fuel efficient cars. Obviously car manufacturers cater to the preferences of a population, and a lot of the cars that are available to people here in Australia simply aren't offered in the States. My favorite has to be the Honda Jazz, although I have never driven one, their ads have won me over.

Did I mention Australians don't really buy into the whole "politically correct" thing?

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