Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's been a long time, but in my defense, I moved to Australia

30 + hours on a plane and I landed in Australia. It is kind of weird to think that I am now halfway around the world. I am just about the farthest possible distance away from where I grew up as I possibly can be. Not bad for someone who desperately wanted to leave and try something new huh? Some quick facts about Australia:

1. Vegemite is, well, not entirely bad, but it is certainly an acquired taste.
2. I have yet to see a koala in the wild, apparently in addition to their penchant for sleep, they are extremely shy as well.
3. Since the country is on the opposite side of the world, the seasons are opposite.
4. No one speaks like Crocodile Dundee.
5. Triple J is the national radio station here and they actually play decent music.

Be back with more posts soon, but for now, here's a little tribute to Australia.

Men At Work - Down Under

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