Monday, October 18, 2010

The state of Australian beer

My brother originally introduced me to the above video quite some time ago, long before I decided to move to Australia. I believe he also showed it to my girlfriend Rhiannon, who is Australian, when she was back in the States. He also does a pretty spot on impression of the "Australian" guy in the video as well. Despite being a fairly humorous video, there are a few things I would like to clarify:

1. Not all Australians sound like the guy in the video (although some certainly do). In fact, South Australians actually sound more British than anything.

2. The quip he makes about Australian beer is actually true. Fosters beer, which is what we typically equate with "Australian for beer", is actually quite elusive down under. We can probably attribute the fact that Fosters is the most recognizable Australian beer to Americans due to a fairly successful and memorable marketing campaign (see below), although I have yet to find Fosters on tap or even on sale at a liquor store. Apparently Fosters isn't even brewed in Australia anymore, and it is generally considered a terrible beer that most Aussies look upon in shame.

There are a number of Australian beers available for consumption, however the variety and selection doesn't come close to what you can find in the US. That being said, Australian beer television ads are much, much better than those found on the tube in the States. Don't believe me? Check the videos below.

While you enjoy those ads from Australia, I'm going to sit back with a Tooheys Extra Dry and get in the mood for trivia night. If you're drinking as well, check out these tunes to get you in the mood.

Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
We Are Scientists - This Scene is Dead
Van She - Cat & The Eye
Black Keys - Strange Times
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Weapon of Choice

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